Fragrance Name Attributes
Level Up Luminary Aromatic Notes: Top - Beer Notes, Citrus. Middle - Pine, Sweet Floral. Bottom - Hops Brewing
Girls Night Out Fiesta forever with a scent that's as much fun as grabbing margs with the girls. Juicy, refreshing lime, sweet orange, and a creamy vanilla finish.
Smells like freshly signed Divorce papers Top: Lime Zest, Maraschino Cherries, Tequila Splash. Heart: Champagne, Orange Slice, Peach Blossom. Base: Whipped Vanilla, Cardamom, Sweet Oak
Weed & Breed Green grass and cannabis flower are carefully blended with white floral notes of jasmine and gardenia while amber, cedarwood, and rhubarb complete the fragrance. DOES NOT CONTAIN THC OR CBD.